Traditional golf lessons have a history of failing to create lasting change. The Golf Room strives to be different in this respect, fusing traditional thought with a revolutionary, modern approach to ensure your development and constant growth as a player.
the golf room
Director of Instruction, Owner, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher and Master TrackMan Professional  Kyle Morris, guarantees your improvement and the shots of your life or the lessons free, and he is yet to give a free lesson! Through feedback, training, and forcing the player to make the perfect movements, Kyle can change the ultimate slice swing into a 4 yard draw within an hour. Better yet, Kyle will create ways for you to practice by yourself, so you can manage your own swing and make your practice perfect. You no longer need to hit it great with the instructor but then leave and “lose it”. We strive for you, the player, to ultimately become your own coach. Start building the swing of a lifetime.

“I recently met Kyle during the Memorial Tournament and found him to be a solid young man, with a great desire to work hard and excel at whatever he does –a real overachiever…I know when someone has a desire to be good and work hard, they usually accomplish what they are set out to do. I wish Kyle all the best and ask that you give him a favorable consideration”

– Jack Nicklaus

the golf room instruction
Kyle Morris, a former 7-year sanctioned PGA Tour member and winner 5 times worldwide, guarantees your improvement and the shots of your life or the lessons free. Kyle is a player at heart and he puts that experience to work to help you become one of the game’s elite, like he has for several of his present tour players. Stop with the band aid lessons and start building the swing of a lifetime.  
the golf room facility
Columbus golfers had few viable options for players to improve during the winter months, until now. Whether its working with the same tools and technology that the PGA Tour players use, improving the efficiency of your swing with K-Vest, or getting into the zone on Focus Band, the Golf Room is the place to truly unleash your potential.  
TrackMan Performance Studio is the world’s first and only golf swing and shot analysis tool with totally integrated video and ball flight data. TrackMan is the industry’s gold standard and preferred launch monitor of the PGA Tour, USGA, and R&A.
The golf room clubfitting
Every player’s golf swing is different. Like our DNA, no two swings are alike. Therefore, it is imperative to fit your clubs for your golf swing. At The Golf Room, we specialize in optimizing your clubs for peak performance. We have thousands of different head and shaft combination to make sure the clubs you play are perfect for you! 

“Kyle and his team have built The Golf Room with your development in mind. To have that knowledge and access on a year round basis is enormous.”

Kevin Streelman – Two Time PGA TOUR Champion