Junior Mental Training Workshop

The mind is a muscle and if you train it, it will work for us, and if the player doesn’t it will work against them. With the help of  Dr. Todd Kays, The Golf Room’s Sport and Performance Psychologist, players will break through and learn what it is like to truly think like a champion. Dr. Kays Junior Group Mental Training program is broken into three levels

  1. Level 1 – 6 sessions about
    1. Session One: The Mind and Golf
    2. Session Two: The Ultimate Disciplined and Focused Practice
    3. Session Three: Taking Your Game from Practice to the Tournament
    4. Session Four: Managing Emotions Through Focus on the Process
    5. Session Five: Stop Yelling in Your Own Ear!
    6. Session Six: Mindfulness and Putting It All Together

Dates are continuous. Email Info@thegolfroom.com for more info or sign up here http://thegolfroom.uschedule.com/OnlineAppointments.aspx

Fee for all sessions: $300.00
Individual Sessions: $75.00
All session held at The Golf Room
Minimum of 8 participants needed for course to run