The journey to your BEST golf starts here

New Student Assessment

How would you like the chance at a discounted rate to see if The Golf Room is right for you? Our New Student Assessment process begins with a pre-assessment questionnaire. You’ll discuss your needs and goals all while getting to know your prospective coach. From there, your coach gets the opportunity to see all aspects of your game, from driving to putting. After reviewing your videos and TrackMan data, your coach will outline a plan that best aligns with your goals, time, and resources.


Private/Individual Lessons

Suppose you are out of town or simply looking for an individual lesson. In that case, we provide the opportunity for golfers to work one-on-one with Director of Instruction, Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher in America, and #1 ranked instructor in Ohio, Kyle Morris, or one of his elite team of coaches who are TGR-certified to help you make strides towards your golf goals.

All lessons include:

  • TrackMan
  • Live video
  • A customized coaching plan for each golfer
  • Video recap and video clips on the Coachnow app

Journey to your BEST golf Programs

The journey to your best golf starts at The Golf Room. By committing to one of our programs, you’re taking the first step towards truly becoming the best version of yourself. Our programs provide golfers a great practice schedule, including lessons each month and up to 3 TrackMan practices every week.

Our Journey to your BEST golf programs allow students to get routine lessons with their pro and provide each player with consistent practice each week. If you plan on practicing what you learn on the lesson tee, this is the best approach both financially and for game improvement. After completing your New Student Assessment, you and your coach can select the program that best fits your goals from our 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month memberships.

Following your initial lesson, this plan also provides each member the option to have a TPI evaluation with Lindsay Becker for $175. This is highly recommended so that our pro can learn your strengths and limitations. Plus, we’ll throw in Kyle Morris’ video series, “The Master Plan,” as a guide to follow throughout the journey to your best golf.


Online Lessons

Are you an avid follower of The Golf Room and want to experience The Golf Room difference yourself? With the Golf Room Everywhere program, we can customize a plan for you anywhere in the world. Even if you can’t make it out to The Golf Room, you can still work on your game and become your BEST.

If you’re searching for a plan to improve, look no further than Kyle Morris’ Master Plan, found at The Golf Room Everywhere.


Advanced technology for your golf game

If you’re looking for more insight into your golf game and higher-quality practice sessions, our TrackMan Indoor Golf Range is the place to be. This is your chance to utilize the same technology that over 800 tour players worldwide use to improve their game.

What’s Included

TrackMan practice includes fully automated down-the-line or face-on video, including 26 impact and ball flight parameters. This allows you to compare your swing against some of the best players in the world. Using advanced TrackMan technology also gives you the chance to find out so much more about your golf swing, from how you compress it to what the clubface is doing at impact.


Gain a mental edge on the golf course

Working on your swing and being physically fit only represent part of a successful golf game equation. The Golf Room’s Mental Training gives you the chance to process what you’re learning on the practice tee. Then, you can utilize the techniques needed to transfer that success out onto the golf course.

Hourly Mental Training Sessions

If you want to go from regular weekend golfer to true improvement, there are many things to master. The ability to transfer what you’re doing from practice to playing is vital. During an hourly session with Dr. Todd Kays, you get the mental training needed to make the process simple and successful.

Renowned sports psychologist Dr. Todd Kays leads our mental training programs at The Golf Room. He has helped numerous junior golfers with the art of being an athlete while on the golf course. Kays’ mental boot camps help unleash potential to maximize the golf game and build success on the course.


Fitness training for golfers

One of the best ways to add to your golf game is to think physically. Golf fitness training allows you to get the most out of your body while helping reduce injury.

Developing a golf fitness routine also gives you the power to build many critical aspects of a great golf game; strength, flexibility, power, balance, and coordination.

As you begin the journey to increasing your physical fitness, we’ll build a customized initial assessment from Lindsay Becker, our physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach at TGR. The assessment is constructed to identify a core list of strengths and weaknesses of the body and identify any physical limitations.

Adult Fitness Training Program

Under the watchful eye of Lindsay Becker, join us every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 am for an hour-long intense, golf-specific workout. This will give you the power to reduce injury and increase flexibility. In addition, you’ll take away speed and strength, getting you ready to head to work feeling physically fit.


Physical therapy for adult golfers

Are you facing pain or an injury? Lindsay Becker helps with multiple therapy options based on a specific evaluation. It all starts with a full-body movement evaluation. From there, Lindsay can determine where the pain is and the underlying dysfunctions causing the pain and injury.

Dry Needling

Dry needling involves inserting a small filament needle into a muscle to decrease painful spasms and/or improve muscle activation. It’s a great modality to increase flexibility, decrease pain, and improve overall physical performance. Many people who have suffered from chronic low back pain, neck pain/headaches, and chronic muscle tightness have experienced significant relief with dry needling.

Cupping Therapy

As opposed to most modalities that compress the skin, cupping lifts or distracts the tissue. This is particularly beneficial for tightness in muscles like the back and legs. Cupping can also help stimulate your body’s natural healing process by improving vascularity and blood flow in the area.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

Lindsay uses HawkGrips tools to precisely detect and treat soft tissue injuries. This metal instrument often provides deeper penetration of tissues, allowing increased blood flow and healing for tight and painful areas.


Practice Pods

For many of our golfers, a regular check-in to assess their game is the perfect prescription. Practice Pods are designed for existing students, not new students. Small groups of students or Pods are grouped with their pro to receive weekly checkups. This allows more interaction and the ability to continue the drills that your pro has prescribed in previous lessons under their supervision. With a maximum of 4 students, each person will receive about 15-20 minutes of consultation, the perfect amount to check in on your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Practice Pods are sold in packs of 5 that can be used whenever is convenient.


Short Game Clinics

Did you know that most 10-15 handicap players 3 putt from just 17 feet away? If you want to score low consistently, mastering your game around the green is critical. Our Short Game Clinics offer you the chance to do just that by tackling the lowest hanging fruit in your game; the short game.

Each week we cover a new aspect in the short game, from putting to trouble shots. This group setting allows players to learn the basics and some more refined points to being an artist on or around the greens.

9 Hole Playing Lessons

This group playing lesson is your chance to think differently through the course. Even though it may take some time to improve your swing, how you manage your game on the course can result in a better scorecard instantaneously. You’ll learn proper target awareness and gain an understanding of your shot dispersions, a surefire way to improve your golf game.


Course Management Seminars

One of our most popular Elite Junior Academy seminars is now being offered to the public! Our juniors so well received it; we knew it would be extremely valuable for every golfer.

Learning how to pick proper targets is no different than learning how to play blackjack. We want to help you learn how to make systematic decisions based upon percentages when you play rather than playing by emotion. There is no doubt our Course Management Seminar will help you truly think like a player.


The Xperience

The Golf Room’s most comprehensive program is available now! We’ve put together all our resources and technology into a one-day program to help you on the quest to become your BEST!

With the Xperience, we’re not holding anything back; you’ll get the chance to work on ALL aspects of your game including Skill, Body, AND Mind.


The Xperience

The Golf Room’s most comprehensive program is available now! We’ve put together all our resources and technology into a one-day program to help you on the quest to become your BEST!

With the Xperience, we’re not holding anything back; you’ll get the chance to work on ALL aspects of your game including Skill, Body, AND Mind.


The Golf Room Live

The Golf Room Live is a four day event in June where you will fly/drive into Columbus, Ohio and experience The Golf Room, IN PERSON. Recently we started The Golf Room Everywhere which is the online version of TGR. We have had so many of our TGRE members say, “I would love to come have this experience in person!”.

So that is exactly what we are doing. I am literally bringing my entire team together to make The Golf Room Live and unforgettable experience. You will leave here knowing exactly what you need to work on so you can ultimately become your best.

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