Get Better Together

Group programs for adult golfers

Sometimes traditional one-on-one instruction may not be what you’re looking for.  Sometimes working in a group with a relaxed atmosphere or being able to specialize on specific parts of your game in a group setting can help you take big steps in your development.  At The Golf Room, we offer a great lineup of group programs for adults.

Practice Pods

For many of our golfers, a regular check-in to assess their game is the perfect prescription.  Our Practice Pods are designed only for our existing students, not new students.  Small groups of students or Pods are grouped together with their Pro and receive weekly checkups, allowing more interaction and the ability to continue the drills that your Pro has prescribed in previous lessons, under their supervision.  With a maximum of 4 players, each student will receive a minimum of 15-20 minutes of consultation, a perfect amount to check in on your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

These are sold in packs of 5 that can be used whenever is convenient.

5 pack with Kyle – $399
5 pack with Mitch – $300
5 pack with Kipp – $300


Short Game Clinics

Did you know that most 10-15 handicap players 3 putt from just 17 feet away?  If you want to score low consistently, mastering your game around the green is a critical factor in lowering your handicap.  Our Short Game Clinics offer you the chance to do just that by tackling the lowest hanging fruit in your game, the short game.

Each week we cover a new aspect in the short game from putting to trouble shots.  This group setting allows players to learn the basics or even some of the more refined points to being an artist on or around the greens.


Tips on Tap

Grab a brew, enjoy some friends, and get better at golf.  Now that sounds like a good Tuesday night.  Enjoy one free beer while our elite Instructors teach you how you can become your best, even with a beer in your hand.


Course Management Seminars

Learning how to pick proper targets is no different than learning how to play blackjack.  We want to help you learn how to make systematic decision based upon percentages when you play rather than playing by emotion in this classroom setting inside The Golf Room.  There is no doubt that this is something we can help you with in learning how to think like a player.


9 Hole Playing Lessons

This group playing lesson is your chance to think your way through a course differently and therefore help you get better at golf.  Even though it may take some time to change or overhaul your swing, how you manage your game on the course can result in a better scorecard instantaneously with proper target awareness and an understanding of your shot dispersions.

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Women’s Wine and Wedges

Ladies, this is your chance to learn the links.  Get to know the fundamentals of golf with a glass of wine in hand in a stress-free, embarrassment-free clinic, where we aim to help you have more fun on the course.  Whether you’re wanting to learn to be able to participate more in a corporate setting or wanting to play with your significant other, our goal here is to make this relaxed and casual environment fun and help you to become your best while you’re on the links.

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