Mental Training for Golf

Gain a mental edge on the golf course

Working on the golf swing and being physically fit only represent part of the equation of a successful golf game.  The Golf Room’s Mental Training gives adults the chance to process what they are learning on the practice tee and utilize the techniques needed to transfer that success out onto the golf course.

Hourly Mental Training Sessions

If you want to go from being a regular weekend golfer to finding real improvement, there are many things you need to master.  The ability to transfer what you’re doing from practice to playing is core among those improvements needed.  During our hourly sessions with Dr. Todd Kays, golfers get the training they need to make that process simple and successful.

Dr. Todd Kays

Our mental performance programs at The Golf Room are led by renowned sports psychologist Dr. Todd Kays.  He has helped numerous junior golfers with the art of being an athlete while on the golf course.  His mental boot camps help unleash potential to maximize the golf game and build success off the course.