When your junior golfer is ready to learn and grow, start here

New Student Assessment

The Golf Room could be the home for your junior’s first steps of development in the game. Our New Student Assessment gives beginners the chance to experience The Golf Room and work directly with our elite coaches. From there, we’ll help identify the best goals and programs for their development.

New Student Assessments begin with your junior meeting their prospective coach. They’ll get the chance to take a complete look at where your junior stands as a beginner, from the tee to the green. Following a review of TrackMan data for feedback, we will outline a program that best aligns with helping them develop as a golfer.


Private Lessons

Beginning juniors have the chance to work one-on-one with Director of Instruction and Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher, Kyle Morris, and his team of elite coaches to help them develop the fundamentals to a great golf game.

Lessons include:

  • TrackMan
  • Live video
  • A customized coaching plan for your junior golfer
  • Video recap and video clips on the Coachnow app

Journey to your BEST golf

A commitment for a junior golfer to The Golf Room is a commitment to mastering the fundamentals and getting long-term improvement. Our programs provide golfers a great practice schedule, including lessons each month and TrackMan practice each week. If your junior plans to practice what they learn on the lesson tee, this is the best approach both financially and for game improvement. After completing a New Student Assessment, your junior golfer and their coach can select the best-fit program for their development.


Future 36ers

The Future 36ers program was created to introduce, develop, and motivate young golfers. Our players’ challenge is the score of 36 (par for 9 holes) or better to move back in tee length. Working from green to tee-box versus the traditional tee-box to green lowers the challenge point and increases the fun factor. It is a motivating way to learn and progress through golf.


Online Lessons

Due to school and other activities, it may not always be feasible for a junior golfer to work on their game at The Golf Room. With our Golf Room Everywhere program, junior golfers can get lessons from anywhere to help them develop and grow their game.


Insights into the fundamentals through TrackMan

Sometimes more insight can be a great addition to helping a novice golfer develop sound fundamentals. Our TrackMan Indoor Golf Range gives beginners the chance to utilize next-level technology to make strides with their golf game.

What’s Included

The TrackMan Indoor Golf Range includes fully automated down-the-line or face-on video, including 26 impact and ball flight parameters. This allows junior golfers to get a deeper look into their game and helps develop their fundamentals.


Beginning juniors can begin to master the game with mental training

Improving the golf swing and physical fitness are only part of the process of long-term success in the game of golf. With mental training at The Golf Room, our goal is to give beginners the ability to take the fundamentals they’re learning and transfer them to the course.


Fitness training and physical development for beginning juniors

More than ever, golfers are gaining an edge by getting their bodies in shape. It’s no different for junior golfers. Physical training in the early stages of golf can help players separate themselves down the line as they continue to improve on the building blocks of physical conditioning over time.

Each beginning golfer at The Golf Room is given a customized individual assessment by Lindsay Becker, The Golf Room’s physical therapist, and strength and conditioning coach. This helps determine the strengths and weaknesses of their bodies. The goal is to identify any physical limitations present in the beginning stages of learning to be improved on and minimize impact in the long run.

Training for Beginners

As a beginner golfer’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, we work to put together a physical performance training program that helps every player work on the limitations they face while helping them to work on three prime components of a successful golf swing; strength, flexibility, and power.