The Perfect Starting Fit

Custom club fitting for beginning junior golfers

As a junior golfer is taking their first steps into the game, the time is opportune to begin exploring the benefits of custom club fitting. The Golf Room has tens of thousands of combinations and options available for beginning golfers to find the best equipment to help them improve their game at the value and budget they need.

The Process

While a number of locations offer club fitting, there’s a difference in getting your clubs where you work on your game. At The Golf Room, during your private fitting, we don’t just use a lie board and a “looks good” approach. We utilize specialized technology to help identify not only the correct fit, but the correct shaft, head, and manufacturer, thus ensuring your new clubs will align with your game based on real numbers, real data, and real insight into your golf swing.


At The Golf Room, we want junior golfers to find the best clubs possible for mastering the fundamentals and gaining real strides in improvement. We give them a ton of options when it comes to getting fit, including these brands:

  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway
  • Mizuno
  • Ping


$125 – One hour for specific club groups – irons, a driver, fairway woods, or wedges and putter

$ 375 Club Fitting Experience – 3 Hours

($75 discount applied to club purchase)