Building Fitness Fundamentals

Fitness training and physical development for beginning juniors

More than ever, golfers are gaining an edge by getting their bodies in shape and this is no different for junior golfers.  Physical training in the early stages of golf can help players separate themselves down the line as they continue to improve on the building blocks of physical conditioning over time.


Each beginning golfer at The Golf Room is given a customized individual assessment by Lindsay Becker, The Golf Room’s physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach, to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of their bodies.  The goal is to identify any physical limitations present in the beginning stages of learning so that they can be improved on and minimize impact in the long run.

Training for Beginners

As a beginner golfer’s strengths and weaknesses are identified within the assessment process, we work to put together a physical performance training program that helps every player work on the limitations they face, while helping them to work on three prime components of a successful golf swing – strength, flexibility, and power.