Working Together in a Fun Environment

Group programs for beginning junior golfers

Learning the fundamentals doesn’t just happen in a traditional one-on-one golf lesson.  Many times, beginners can work on their games around others in similar situations to help create a fun environment.  Our group programs for beginning junior golfers offer the first chance at long-term development, as well as opportunities to begin honing the scoring aspects of the game around the green.


Future 36ers

The Future 36ers program was created to help introduce, develop, and motivate young golfers.  The challenge we set for our players is the score of 36 (par for 9 holes) or better to move back in tee length.  By working from green to tee-box versus the traditional tee-box to green lowers the challenge point and increases the fun factor.  It is a motivating way to learn and progress through golf.


Short Game Clinics

Mastering the game around the green can do wonders for golfers.  If junior golfers can begin to hone these skills at the beginning parts of their golf journey, it will open up a ton of possibilities for their games down the road.  The Golf Room’s Short Game Clinics give beginning juniors the chance to hit more putts and stick more shots close to the hole.