Recover and Rebuild

Physical therapy for beginning juniors

Is your junior golfer dealing with pain or injuries?  It’s critical that you get the proper assistance to help them get their games and body back on track.  Our golfers are assisted by Lindsay Becker with therapy options based off an initial full-body movement evaluation.  From there, we are able to determine where the pain is located, then pinpoint the therapy options that will work best to help provide relief for the pain and any underlying conditions present.

Dry Needling

Dry needling involves inserting a small filament needle into a muscle to decrease painful spasm and/or improve muscle activation.  Dry needling is a great modality to increase flexibility, decrease pain, and improve overall physical performance.  Many people who have suffered from chronic low back pain, neck pain/headaches, and chronic muscle tightness have experienced significant relief with dry needling.

Cupping Therapy

As opposed to most modalities which compress the skin, cupping lifts or distracts the tissue which can be particularly helpful for tightness in muscles such as the back and legs.  Cupping can also help stimulate your body’s natural healing process by improving vascularity and blood flow in the area.

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy

Lindsay uses HawkGrips tools to precisely detect and treat soft tissue injuries.  The use of the metal instrument often provides deeper penetration of tissues, allowing increased blood flow and healing to areas that are tight and painful.