The Next Level of Practice

Insights into the fundamentals through TrackMan

Sometimes more insight can be a great addition to helping a novice golfer develop sound fundamentals. Our TrackMan Indoor Golf Range gives beginners the chance to utilize next level technology to make strides with their golf game.

What’s Included

The TrackMan Indoor Golf Range includes fully automated down the line or face-on video including 28 different parameters of the swing and the golf ball, allowing junior golfers to get a deeper look into their game to help develop their fundamentals such as what the club face is doing at impact and more.

TrackMan Rates


  • Annual – $175/mo.
  • 6-Month – $199/mo.
  • 3-Month – $225/mo.
  • Single Month – $250


  • Before 3:00pm – $39/hr.
  • After 6:00pm – $45/hr.
  • Weekends – $50/hr.