When your junior golfer is ready to become elite, start here

New Student Assessment

See if The Golf Room is a fit for the growing game of your junior golfer! Our New Student Assessment provides competitive juniors the opportunity to experience The Golf Room. Your junior can work with a coach to see if we align with their needs and wants. From there, we’ll take the steps to get their game to the next level.

The process begins with a pre-assessment questionnaire and your junior getting to know their coach at The Golf Room. They’ll talk about the needs and goals of your junior golfer and get the opportunity to see all aspects of their game, from driving to putting. Following video and TrackMan review for feedback, the coach will outline programs that best align with your junior golfer’s goals, time, and resources.


Private/Individual Lessons

Junior golfers have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Director of Instruction and Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher, Kyle Morris, along with his team of elite coaches to help them be the best version of themselves.

All lessons include:

  • TrackMan
  • Live video
  • A customized coaching plan for your junior golfer
  • Video recap and video clips on the Coachnow app

Journey to your BEST golf

The journey to your best golf starts at The Golf Room. By committing to one of our programs, you’re taking the first step towards truly becoming the best version of yourself. Our programs provide golfers a great practice schedule, including lessons each month and up to 3 TrackMan practices every week.

Our journey to your BEST golf programs allow students to get routine lessons with their pro and provide each player with practice each week. If you plan to practice what you learn on the lesson tee, this is the best approach both financially and for game improvement. After completing your New Student Assessment, you and your coach can select the best-fit program from our 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month memberships.

Following your initial lesson, this plan also provides the option to have a TPI evaluation with Lindsay Becker for $175. This is highly recommended so that our pro can learn your strengths and limitations. Plus, we will throw in the Kyle Morris’ video series, “The Master Plan,” as a guide to follow as we go on our journey to help you play your BEST golf.


Online Lessons

Between school, traveling, and extracurriculars, junior golfers have busy schedules. Luckily, with our Golf Room Everywhere program, they can take the help they receive at The Golf Room and learn from anywhere. With this program, we can keep tabs on our players and offer the same level of care and expertise as we would if they were right in front of us.


High-quality insights into junior golf through TrackMan

If your junior golfer is looking for more insight into their games through practice, our TrackMan Indoor Golf Range is the place to be. They’ll be able to utilize the same technology that over 800 tour players around the world use.

What’s Included

Practice inside our 20-foot-wide private range bays includes fully automated down the line or face-on video, along with 26 impact and ball flight parameters. This allows junior golfers to compare their swings against some of the best players in the world. The advanced technology of TrackMan also lets junior golfers truly own their swing and keep sharp in the winter or see where they are in the summer. Spending 10 minutes on TrackMan is better than hours spent on the range.


Juniors gain more opportunities with a mental edge

Getting a better swing and training physically is only part of what it takes to be a successful junior golfer. Our goal at The Golf Room is to help your junior golfer with the ability to transfer all the skills they’re learning inside The Golf Room to the course.

Mental Training for Competitive Juniors

For junior golfers, the ability to take the skills and development from practice to the tee is critical. Playing under pressure doesn’t come naturally to all, and that’s where Dr. Todd Kays has helped so many junior golfers. Our Mental Training Programs and schools led by Dr. Kays help set the differentiators between good junior golfers and the best junior golfers.

Mental performance programs at The Golf Room are led by renowned sports psychologist Dr. Todd Kays. He has helped numerous junior golfers with the art of being an athlete while on the golf course. His mental boot camps help unleash potential to maximize one’s golf game and build success off the course.


Fitness training and physical development for junior golfers

Now more than ever, golfers are gaining an edge by getting their bodies to work for them, not against them. Physical training during the junior years can help golfers separate themselves on the course and begin the development towards long-term physical conditioning. College golf requires 36 holes of play, and with most college men swinging over 112, we want our juniors leading the pack in distance.

Our Junior Golf Power & Flexibility Classes have helped golfers gain over 30 yards on average off the tee in 6 months. They’ve also had the physical training needed to play their best golf in competitive situations when it matters most.


Elite Junior Academy

If junior golfers want to unlock a successful career in high school, college, and beyond, this is the place to work towards those opportunities. The Elite Junior Academy is an Olympic-style training program where junior golfers work with some of the game’s best minds in golf instruction, physical fitness, and mental training.

We aim to make the next step easier for junior golfers. The college recruitment process can be difficult and demanding. Because of this, we try to give junior golfers the best guidance and opportunities possible not just through coaching and development, but with the resources they need to reach the next level. Richard Brazeau, one of four certified AJGA College Advisors and owner of Second Nine Consulting helps our junior golfers get set up to find the best school and prepare for the unique challenges of college golf.