Elite golfers don’t experience success by chance. They’ve built a foundation on and off the course and worked hard to become elite. At The Golf Room, our goal is to give competitive junior golfers everything they need to have success of their own, from individual programs with some of the industry’s top coaches in instruction, physical fitness, and mental training, to access to pro-level technology like TrackMan and custom club fitting to ensure they have the best equipment possible. We leave no stone unturned for your junior golfer, beginning with one-on-one golf instruction and ending with our most complete program, Elite Junior Academy.


Individual Programs

We take a hands-on approach to helping junior golfers achieve success in competitive environments.  Beginning with the New Student Assessment, where we help junior golfers identify the right programs for their game and long-term goals, helping them on the tee, on the course, and even online.

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Group Programs

At The Golf Room, our group programs allow competitive junior golfers to sharpen their craft a bit more at an affordable price.  These weekly clinics are a great place to learn some of the more detailed elements of the game, such as course management, the short game clinics, or a weekly checkup in our practice pods.

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TrackMan Practice

Here, junior golfers can practice like pros.  Our TrackMan Indoor Golf Range gives golfers the ability to utilize tour-level technology to study and improve their swings and get real time feedback.  With automated video from down the line and face-on, combined with over 28 data parameters measured to the tenth of yard, there is no guessing when practicing at TGR.  Utilizing tools like TrackMan at The Golf Room allows you will become the best version of yourself.

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Mental Training

Junior golfers have the ability to gain a mental edge at The Golf Room by working with renowned sports psychologist, Dr. Todd Kays, giving them the opportunity to thrive under pressure and stand apart from the pack by performing the best when it matters the most.

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One of our major goals is to make sure our golfers’ bodies are working for them and not against them.  With Physical Training led by Lindsay Becker, one of the nation’s top Physical Therapists and Strength and Conditioning coaches, we work to identify physical limitations and build a custom program to eliminate them and help maximize your strength, flexibility, and power.

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Club Fitting

Junior golfers have tens of thousands of options when it comes to clubs and brands.  At The Golf Room, our club fitting process allows each player to become the best version of themselves by focusing on analyzing previous clubs, testing new clubs and brands, and reviewing video technology, all of which helps our award-winning instructors and master fitters to identify the best option for swing, game, and budget.

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