Building for the Future

Fitness training and physical development for junior golfers

Now more than ever, golfers are gaining an edge by getting their bodies in shape to work for them, not against them. Physical training during the junior years can help golfers separate themselves on the course and begin the development towards long-term physical conditioning that sets them apart from the pack. College golf requires 36 holes of play and with most college men swinging over 112, we want our junior leading the pack in distance.


TPI Golf Assessment

Each junior golfer at The Golf Room is given a customized individual assessment by Lindsay Becker, The Golf Room’s physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach, to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of their bodies. Our goal is to identify the physical limitations present in developing stages to help minimize the impact they can have on the golf game in the short and long-term.

TPI Assessment – $150


Training for Success

As a junior golfer’s strengths and weaknesses are identified during our assessment process, we are then able to build a physical performance training program to help each player eliminate any limitations they may be facing and maximize the three components of an efficient, strong golf swing – strength, flexibility, and power.

Private one-on-one training with Lindsay is $100/hr.



Our Junior Golf Power & Flexibility Classes have helped golfers gain over 30 yards on average off the tee in 6 months and given them the physical training to play their best golf in competitive situations when it matters most.

When: 7:00PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays


$40 per session

$175 for four per month

$250 for eight per month