Hands-on Practice for Elite Juniors

Individual Programs for Competitive Golfers

The path to becoming an elite golfer begins as a junior.  The Golf Room is home to some of the game’s best minds when it comes to training, instruction and the mental approach.  Many junior golfers have utilized our instruction programs to take their games to the next level. And it all begins with the New Student Assessment.


New Student Assessment

See if The Golf Room is a fit for the growing game of your junior golfer.  The New Student Assessment provides competitive juniors the opportunity to experience The Golf Room and work directly with coaches to see if we align with what your junior golfer needs and wants to take his or her game to the next level.

The process begins with a pre-assessment questionnaire and getting to know the prospective coach at The Golf Room.  We’ll talk about the needs and goals of the golfer and get the opportunity to see all aspects of their game – from driving to putting.  Following video and TrackMan data review for feedback, the coach will outline the programs that best align with their goals, time, and resources, which may include some of the following programs for competitive junior golfers.


Private Lessons

Junior golfers have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Director of Instruction and Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, Kyle Morris, and his team of coaches to help them be the best version of themselves.

All lessons include:

  • TrackMan
  • Live video
  • A customized coaching plan for your junior golfer
  • Video recap and video clips on the Coachnow app

Personal, individual lesson pricing:

Kyle Morris – $200/hr.

Mitch Farrer – $125/hr.

Kipp Keuter – $125/hr.


Journey to your BEST golf

The journey to your best golf starts at The Golf Room.  By making the commitment to one of our programs at The Golf Room, you’re taking the first step towards truly becoming the best version of yourself.  Our programs provide golfers a great practice schedule, including lessons each month and an unlimited TrackMan range membership, good for one hour per day at The Golf Room.

Our journey to your best golf programs allows players to get routine lessons with their pro and provide each player with routine practice each week.  If you plan on practicing what you learn on the lesson tee, then this is the best approach both financially and for game improvement.  After you complete your New Student Assessment, you and your coach can select the program that best fits your goals from our 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month programs.

Following their initial lesson, this plan also provides each member the option to have a TPI evaluation with Lindsay Becker for $175.  This is highly recommended so that our pro can learn your strengths and limitations.  Plus, we will throw in the Kyle Morris video series “The Master Plan” as a guide to follow as we go on our journey to help you play your BEST golf.


9 Hole Playing Lessons

This is where junior golfers begin to think their way through courses like pros.  Even though swing changes take time, changing how you manage your game on course can help lower scores rather quickly.  We can even do this in the winter, with our amazing Trackman Indoor course simulator.

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Online Lessons

Between school, traveling, and more, a junior golfer has a busy schedule.  Luckily, with our Golf Room Everywhere program, they can take the help they receive at The Golf Room and learn from anywhere around the world.  With this program we can keep tabs on our players from anywhere and offer the same level of care and expertise as we would if they were right in front of us.

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