Practice Like the Pros

High quality insights into junior golf through TrackMan

If your junior golfer is looking for more insight into their games through practice, our TrackMan Indoor Golf Range is the place to utilize the same technology that over 800 tour players around the world use.

What’s Included

Practice inside our 20-foot-wide private range bays includes fully automated down the line or face-on video, including 28 different parameters of the swing and the golf ball, allowing junior golfers to compare their swings against the swings of some of the best players in the world. This advanced technology will allow golfers to truly own their swing and keep sharp in the winter or see where they are in the summer. Spending 10 minutes on TrackMan is better than hours spent on the range.

TrackMan Rates


  • Annual – $175/mo.
  • 6-Month – $199/mo.
  • 3-Month – $225/mo.
  • Single Month – $250


  • Before 3:00pm – $39/hr.
  • After 6:00pm – $45/hr.
  • Weekends – $50/hr.