• “Kyle, the Xperience last week exceeded my expectations. I’ve spent far too long trying to find “the fix” to take my game to the next level, after spending the full day with you and Lindsay I have the blueprint to improve and it’s already starting to take hold. Not only do I have the blueprint, I am confident in it because it was tailor made to my game and my faults, no more tips from instagram that don’t apply to my swing. Sending me the videos of the entire day was an unexpected perk as I can recall back on our dialogue and instruction from the entire day. Thank you again for your dedication to the game and professionalism. LETS GO!!!” – Jonathan Hunter

  • “I drove from the Northwest suburbs in Illinois to see Kyle and purchased the Xperience. I couldn’t be happier. I have only been playing golf for about two years. I have been practicing Kyle’s recommendations for 1 month and every swing is a tight draw with driver and irons. I have had other coaches before but no one has been able to change my swing so dramatically and so quickly like Kyle. The Xperience is well worth it as i have already been teaching my son the same techniques and he is also now hitting draws and is excited to go out and play! Thank you Kyle! – Omar Cardova

  • “The Xperience provided the building blocks, and the ability to have immediate feedback on my swing from Kyle at TGR is priceless. I’m close to cutting my index in half! – John Rainey


Full Swing Assessment utilizing Trackman, Kvest, Boditrak, and Focus Bands

The Golf Room gives you access to the BEST technology so we can determine:

✅ EXACTLY what you’re already doing well in your golf swing. We’ll find the positives in every swing so you can use them to your advantage

✅ What your personal tendencies are in your golf swing. We’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on with your swing as well as the misses you struggle with

✅ Where we’d like you to be in your golf swing (positions) and WHY

✅ HOW to fix your tendencies and become your OWN COACH

By the time you leave The Golf Room, you’ll have enough knowledge for it to be as if you still have our team watching every single shot!

Short Game and Putting Fundamentals

We all know the importance of being a master around the greens.

The Xperience will cover EVERY aspect of your game; Skill, Body, AND Mind. During our short game and putting session, you’ll discover:

✅ How your pitching and chipping technique should be the exact opposite of full swing

✅ What your tendencies are in your chipping/pitching technique

✅ Why it’s essential to follow a method that’s proven to work by almost every single touring professional!

✅ The feedback station/drills you NEED to become a master around the greens!

✅ What’s going on in your putting stroke with the help from Trackman, why it’s important, and the EXACT putting drills you need to enhance your stroke

✅ A ton more too! (you’ll see)

Course Management Training (on course if weather permits)

Out of everything we’ll cover, this session may be the most critical. To reach your ULTIMATE GOALS, you need to THINK PROPERLY on and off the golf course.

Here’s a few things that’ll be covered:

✅ How to play golf instead of golf SWING. Too many amateurs (and some professionals) are playing golf swing on the course, and it’s our job to show you why you SHOULDN’T!

​​​✅ How to pick proper targets based on your personal shot dispersion

✅ How to play SMART GOLF while still staying aggressive and confident

✅ ​How to use DECADE-GOLF to your advantage

✅ How to finally get into “The Zone” (It’s not what you think)

Personalized Practice Plans

While all your time at The Golf Room is valuable, we also want you to walk away primed to practice!

Here are a few things we’ll work on:

✅ Block Practice (actually practicing with purpose!) This will include your swing technique, short game technique, and putting technique. We’ll help you quite literally PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE!

​​​✅ Routines- creating your pre-shot routine with Focus Band so you get into “The Zone” before EVERY SINGLE SHOT

The Focus Band basically gives you INSTANT feedback on whether you’re in “The Zone” or not before hitting your shots.

We will be creating your routine so you have the best chances of being 100% ready before every single shot on the course.


✅ Custom club fitting (if needed)

✅​ Copy of The Master Plan from The Golf Room Everywhere

✅ ​Access to ALL programs inside The Golf Room Everywhere

✅ AND Golf Room swag, including alignment sticks and hats!

TPI Evaluation with one of Golf Digest’s Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professionals, Lindsay Becker

We have a saying on the wall at The Golf Room. It says, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Lindsay will help you uncover your personal physical limitations by determining:

✅ What physical limitations are HOLDING YOU BACK from achieving your goals

✅ Why those physical limitations are holding you back

✅ AND a personalized workout plan to break free from those limitations and play your BEST golf!

Lindsay has provided WORLD-CLASS rehabilitation and performance training to ALL SKILL LEVELS, from beginners to PGA Tour winners. You’ll get the same quality service from Lindsay that accounted for over 25 PGA Tour wins. Let’s just say you’re in good hands!

To recap, here’s everything you’ll get with The Xperience:

✅ TPI Evaluation with Lindsay Becker

✅ Personal workout plan to break free from physical limitations

​​​✅ Full swing assessment using Trackman, Boditrak, K-Vest, and Focus Bands

✅ Complete analysis of your short game and putting

✅ Course management training

✅ Personalized practice plans so you’re primed to practice

✅​ Club fitting (if needed)

✅ ​Copy of The Master Plan from The Golf Room Everywhere

✅ ​Access to ALL programs inside The Golf Room Everywhere

✅ AND The Golf Room swag including alignment sticks and hats!


Total Value: $14,076

Today Only: $3,999!

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